GAIA | Zero Waste Microsite

Road to a Zero-Waste Future

The road to a zero-waste world is littered with obstacles, but GAIA’s Zero-Waste microsite is blazing that trail around the world. The Global Alliance to Incinerator Alternatives consists of over 800 grassroots movements working towards sustainable alternatives for creating a plastic-free world. From Argentina to Spain, the Philippines, and India, GAIA shows the world that zero waste is not just necessary; it’s very feasible.

Nonprofit Sector


Scope of Work
  • Microsite
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization

Creating a grassroots movement

Fighting for a zero-waste world

Why a microsite?

The main GAIA website was unequipped to house the mass of information from their Zero Waste program, but they nonetheless needed a home to share the stories of successful zero-waste cities around the world. Thus, the microsite was born. Together we created a beautiful storytelling experience that champions the possibilities for zero waste.

Steps for the Microsite:

Content & User Experience Design: A Conservation Strategy

By diving deep into the content and purpose of the site, we recycled their complex collection of information into easily-digestible modules.

Website Design & Development: Designing Their New Habitat

We incorporated an interactive infographic for the homepage and added easily searchable regions to the programs page.

Search Engine Optimization: There's No Plan(et) B

We prepped the site with proper meta descriptions and ensured strong keyword usage to prepare for a successful launch.

Telling Zero-Waste Stories from Around the World

Goal 1

An Interactive Atmosphere

Complex processes take time to explain. Condensing vital information into a concise, streamlined format risks compromising it. The creative solution to GAIA’s complex zero-waste journey was an infographic. Instead of using a static png, the interactive pathway follows users down the page, introducing scannable text and making the complex process of a zero-waste journey understandable and engaging. The inviting atmosphere created by the page makes the zero-waste process look easy. 

Gif of animated homepage
Gif of navigation by continent to different zero waste programs
Goal 2

Telling the Stories of Zero-Waste Cities

GAIA has incredible stories from hundreds of cities around the world. Their new site needed to visually depict these case studies in an engaging way. Using a ‘regions module’, visitors are able to drill down to a key case study in their desired area. We incorporated visual storytelling through photos and captions in an easy-to-scroll module that’s both engaging and enlightening.

Gaia homepage3