Lambda Literary

Lambda Literary

Championing LGBTQ Literature

What started as a small bookstore with an LGBTQ book report has transformed into a community of readers and writers celebrating LGBTQ literature. 30 years since its conception, Lambda Literary has championed LGBTQ authors and their work like no other organization before. With black-tie awards ceremonies, writers retreats, school programs, and literary festivals, Lambda Literary has created opportunities for representation and instilled lasting affirmations in the culture, values, and legacy of the LGBTQ community.

In 2010, became the online home of the Lambda Literary Review, a place to present the impact of Lambda’s extensive programs and celebrate LGBTQ literature and writers. As their programming continued to grow, Lambda Literary decided it was time to give their site a necessary makeover. That’s when they sought out Elevation.

Nonprofit Sector
Arts, Culture, & Humanities


Scope of Work
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Ongoing Support

User Experience Design: Outlining the Narrative

Designed to shine a light on the LGBTQ community and connect programs with authors from every age group.

Website Design & Development: Telling the Story

The modern and geometric design is both welcoming and sophisticated, just like their organization.

Ongoing Support: For Future Publications

Lambda Literary has used their ongoing support hours to add more pages to their site, thereby expanding their archive and program information.

Their New Chapter

Lambda’s Turn to Tell Their Story

To accommodate Lambda Literary’s evolution and expansion, our team organized an information hierarchy for its various programs. A new, interchangeable template makes it possibly to easily develop a page that reflects the goal and needs of each program. Users can now easily discover and enjoy the videos, pictures, testimonials, and information about each program.

Fellows & Awards

Having garnered hundreds of program participants and fellows, Lambda Literary needed separate places to house these groups and their respective awards. To accommodate these needs, our team instituted a directory management system. Now, new visitors can easily find ways to get involved, and all users are introduced to the inspiration and excitement of Lambda Literary’s mission.

Elevation provided us with a radical transformation, migrating thousands of pieces of content into a beautiful, intuitive site. Their responsiveness to questions, ability to creatively problem-solve, and fair pricing far exceeded our expectations. Special shout out to our project manager Kirsten who was an incredibly helpful liaison between our team and yours. She was an excellent translator of our business requirements, making sure they were met."

Sue LandersExecutive Director
Mockup of Lambda's Writers' Retreat page