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Empowering the next
generation of leaders

Malaika is a grassroots organization shaping the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their program, which provides free education to students who would otherwise go without, is community-based and a well-established model that can be replicated throughout the world. By offering free education, building a community center, expanding agricultural programs and community farms, and creating wells for clean water and healthier living, Malaika has truly transformed the community. Malaika came to Elevation hoping that we could bring their incredible story to life online.  

Nonprofit Sector
  • International & Education


Scope of Work
  • Content Audit
  • User Experience Design
  • Website Development & Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sustainability Plan

Content Audit & User Experience Design

Our team worked to streamline content so donors and participants can easily skim to learn about the many unique facets of Malaika.

Website Design & Development

We designed the website to incorporate strong visuals to show website visitors what life with Malaika's help is like in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Search Engine Optimization

We looked into what their donors search for and gave content and blog suggestions that will connect with donors' interests.

Sustainability Plan

Malaika has graphic design and website maintenance hours to keep their site fresh and updated for the foreseeable future.

Connecting a world miles away from home

Malaika’s new site needed to bring to life the incredible work happening on-site every day. Visitors from their previous website, left, were not able to quickly grasp the organization’s mission and accomplishments, and the content wasn’t moving them to action. The text-heavy, image-light site was driving most visitors away.

The new site, right, was designed to incorporate a beautiful expression of imagery through video, images, and graphics. Navigation was simplified so that visitors can easily find what they want to learn about Malaika. The content is now more shareable, with bitesize snippets and powerful images for posting on social platforms.

Malaika - Before Malaika - After
Website Goal 1

Visualizing Malaika's Programs

Malaika has a range of programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. An important goal of their new site was to help visitors easily visualize all that Malaika does, either to spark involvement or to help them replicate the programming in other communities. We grouped Malaika’s numerous services into four easily understandable categories ranging from agriculture and education to health services and the community center. Separate internal pages under Our Work shares program and student highlights, digestible snippets, and interactive visuals for each category.

Website Goal 2

Becoming Discoverable on Search Engines

One of Malaika’s goals was to drive qualified traffic to their new site, which meant getting in view of those who are likely to be interested in Malaika’s programs. Through a comprehensive site audit, we determined target keywords for search engines and suggested blog topics that would resonate with their community. These measures will increase qualified traffic and inspire people to participate in Malaika’s mission for years to come.

Connecting with people on any device around the world.

Malaika Mobile Preview

We had a wonderful experience with Elevation. Our project manager, Kirsten, was incredibly helpful and accessible. She took the time to get to know about our work and the people involved so that our new website was not something generic, but rather something that truly reflects our mission and captures the amazing spirit of the Malaika community. The new website is wonderful and the price was great. I would definitely recommend Elevation to other nonprofits."

Megan FaunceProgram Manager
Malaika - Smiling Girl at Chalkboard