Google Ad Grant Case Study

WNPA has seen $431,397 in revenue since partnering with Elevation.


In partnership with the National Park Service since 1938, WNPA advances education, interpretation, research, and community engagement to ensure national parks are increasingly valued by all.


Results that speak for themselves


Increase in online sales revenue


Increase in new visitors to WNPA’s main site


Increase in searches for “WNPA Store”


Maintaining and getting the most out of the Google Ad Grant is a full-time job

The leadership at WNPA knew about the existence and the benefits of the Google Ad Grant before partnering with Elevation, but in the words of Maria DelVecchio, Marketing Manager at WNPA, “we studied the requirements, and came to the conclusion that we didn’t have the internal resources to manage it ourselves.”

Maria didn’t think passing on $10,000/mth would be wise, and instead made the case inside of WNPA that hiring a marketing agency would essentially amount to “free money to advance our mission.”

The Google Ad Grant provides WNPA with $10,000/mo to ensure that the story of each and every single one of their 71 parks is heard.

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Partnering with a marketing agency that had a long history of managing Ad Grants successfully

WNPA and Elevation were no strangers to each other. Less than a year before, WNPA had worked with Elevation to wholly redesign their website. And after a successful launch, their partnership only deepened: WNPA entrusted Elevation with the handling of their SEO and social media accounts.

So when the time came to select an agency to manage their Ad Grant, Elevation was the obvious choice.

The strategy crafted by Elevation was designed to ensure WNPA campaigns performed beyond and above what is required by Google. The plan included:

  • Conducting extensive keyword research and analysis every month to determine the best possible match for WNPA’s audience
  • Writing compelling ads that maximize Click Through Rates (CTRs)
  • Improving and reviewing existing landing pages to improve conversion rates
  • Monthly performance review calls accompanied with an in-depth written report

Moreover, because Elevation also manages SEO and social media for WNPA, Elevation was able to build a global strategy that encompasses all of WNPA’s digital marketing efforts. This level of coordination across different platforms further enhanced the per-formance of WNPA’s ad campaigns.

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Campaigns that deliver

Compared to both industry averages and the minimum requirements set by Google, the performance of WNPA’s campaigns can only be described as outstanding:

  • Average CTR: 13.4% (compared to the required 5%)
  • Average CPC: $1.34
  • Over 90% of the budget is spent every month

WNPA is using the Google Ad Grant to accomplish two primary objectives that directly affect their ability to advance their mission:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve the visibility of ways to support the organization, such as through memberships and visits to their e-commerce site

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