American Brain Tumor Association

A Community of Support for Those With Brain Tumors

Established in 1973 with the mission to see a world free of brain tumors, the American Brain Tumor Association offers resources for researchers, doctors, patients, and patients’ support networks. Since its founding, the ABTA has developed diverse support groups for patients, families, and caregivers and hopes to keep growing for years to come.

Because their influence has broadened since their inception, ABTA’s new site presented several organizational challenges. They needed to accommodate a wide range of visitors, from those personally affected by brain tumors to those with a family or professional connection. Additionally, their complex jargon and run-on pages needed simplification. That’s when Elevation came in.

Nonprofit Sector


Scope of Work
  • User Experience Design
  • Content Strategy & Copywriting
  • Website Design & Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Sustainability Plan

User Experience: Designing for the Masses

With nine unique user groups all needing their respective homes on the site, our UX team employed mega menus and lay terminology to clear up the information hierarchy and navigation.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

We established a cohesive voice for unique visitor types that balanced compassion and straightforward terminology with advanced understanding and thought leadership.

Website Design & Development

We designed a modern yet relatable look that utilized images of people to create impact and connection with the ABTA audience.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Through keyword research and content optimization, as well as utilization of the Google Ad Grant, ABTA defined their leadership on the topic of brain tumors.

Patients, Families, Friends, Doctors, Researchers, Volunteers, Caregivers: A Home for All

Preparation for ABTA’s new site included a considerable amount of time creating a brand new user experience, content strategy, content road map, and copywriting plan. For patients and their families and friends, content needed to be warm and inviting and help them to connect with the appropriate support group and access resources/information free from jargon. For researchers and health care professionals, the latest research and treatment practices for brain tumors needed to be similarly easy to find, but written in intentional, specialized language that demonstrates thought leadership.

Through user experience design and content road-mapping, Elevation created straight-forward site paths that feel natural to the different site visitors. These distinct paths allowed content to be written with a unified voice but different tones that are relatable for each visitor. This work became the basis for site’s design.

Website Goals

  • Easy to navigate the information hierarchy
  • Customized pages for unique visitors
  • Digestible content pages

Modern Yet Classic: A Fresh Take on a Long History

With over 50 years as an organization, ABTA’s site needed to represent and preserve their history, while modernizing content and functionality for the current times. A classic feel is expressed through many areas of the design, such as the buttons and font choices. The color contrast and full-width page design are all modern components that show the progression of the organization whilst reassuring donors they are operating in the 21st century.

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Marketing Scope of Work

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Ad Grant Management
  • Google Display Ads

Being Discovered by the Right Audiences

When it came to marketing their new website, ABTA found themselves in the common position of being locked out from a deactivated Google Ad Grant account. Our Marketing team not only got ABTA’s account back up and running and in complete compliance, but simultaneously made up for the time lost with paid search engine marketing and a focus on search engine optimization.

Display ads like the one to the left increased awareness and registration for ABTA’s multi-city BT5K Run: one of their largest events of the year. Web traffic and conversions increased overall thanks to Elevation’s management of the Google Ad Grant. Click-through rates for ads increased by 45%, indicating a significant increase in the quality of traffic coming to the site.

2018 Google Ad Grant Results




Increase in CTR

“The work done by Elevation did was phenomenal. I have worked in and with WordPress for over ten years, with multiple vendors and organizations. This build out of the backend CMS is by far the most robust and well thought out that I have ever seen. Awesome job.”

Reggie SmithDirector, Marketing & Communications