This is my brave

Building an empowered community

Normalizing mental illness and addiction

Channeling Change
Through the Screen

This Is My Brave is out to change the stigma of mental illness and addiction. Throughout the nation, this nonprofit holds performances for people with these afflictions to give the opportunity to share their stories with the world. Watch any one of their performances and your whole view on mental illness will change in a matter of minutes.

Their goal was to bring inspiring stories and performers to a new platform to share with the world, to both uplift the community and encourage new applicants. It was our job to give their show a new home.

Nonprofit Sector
Arts, Culture, & Humanities


Scope of Work
  • Logo Design & Style Guide
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Google Ad Grant Management

Logo Design: Symbolizing Bravery

We designed the logo to put a bold focus on the word BRAVE while symbolizing the performers in the spotlight.

Brand Guidelines: Unifying the Identity

Established a cohesive visual design to connect their broader community.

UX Design: Taking the live show online

Meticulously composed to turn faces into souls to focus on the stories while creating a more engaging website.

Website Design & Development: The Showcase

We designed the website with elements resembling the live show to engage new audiences by utilizing the iconography and colors from the new brand.

Marketing: Reaching New Audiences

Following the launch of their new site, we've helped This Is My Brave with their Google Ad Grant to spread awareness of their upcoming shows and events.

Symbolizing Bravery


The most important component to save from the old logo was the emphasis on BRAVE, a powerful word that carries the weight of the organization’s mission.


The new, more sophisticated logo upgrades the visual elements and incorporates their slogan, storytelling saves lives drawn into the cord.

A Logo Variation for Every Platform

This is my brave logos plus brave champion logo

The Goal

  • One logo design, plus one alternative logo celebrating “Brave Champion” monthly donors
  • Typography of logo and web fonts
  • Colors and codes for primary and secondary colors
  • Correct and incorrect logo usage
  • Iconography

A Community Brand to Not Just Survive, But Thrive

This Is My Brave’s new brand was to be inclusive, hopeful, and visual. Each visitor can feel a sense of belonging when greeted by the gender-neutral, earthy colors. Highlighting the microphone as the most visual symbol for the website reinforced its importance and relevance to the music, spoken word, comedy, and dance performances the nonprofit hosts. The bright yellow primary color symbolizes optimism and hope, aligning with their motto that those with mental illness don’t have to just survive: they can thrive.

An alternative logo was selected to celebrate the BRAVE Champions. Utilizing elements from the original logo, this secondary representation symbolizes accomplishment and success.

Natural and Inclusive with a Splash of Brightness

While the earthy tones welcome an all-inclusive feel, the bright yellow gives a sense of hope and opportunity.

Blue Lagoon






How Do You Recreate the Excitement of a Live Show Online?

The Goal

  • Online application submissions
  • An easy-to-update backend to make changes on their own
  • Events and ticket sales online
  • Optimized donations

Telling the Stories of the Storytellers

The user experience of this website was designed to bring life to the online show. This angle not only promotes their mission but encourages new volunteers, donors, and participants in today’s atmosphere.

Upon arriving at the homepage, there’s no question what This Is My Brave is all about. From the video banner of performers on stage followed by the bold mission statement and links to join the show, visitors get a taste of the excitement and inspiration integral to the mission. By highlighting the speaker in a powerful light in this visual manner, users can realize that mental illness and addiction can be championed.

A Design Optimized for Every Device

Reaching New Audiences

Following the celebration and the launch of the new website and brand, it was time to grow the site’s exposure. This Is My Brave is now utilizing the Google Ad Grant, a $10,000 per month grant from Google to advertise on their search platform.

While a key component is increasing brand recognition, they also have specific events needed to increase awareness and participation, like their upcoming national tour, virtual 5k, and spreading their mission in the corporate event world. In the coming months, we plan to see their numbers soar!

BRAVE Champions