Bridge USA


Nourishing Democratic Participation by Engaging with Future Leaders

BridgeUSA is a movement to strengthen democracy by developing future generations of engaged, informed, and constructive political leaders. Their mission is to champion ideological diversity, promote a solution-oriented political culture, and teach responsible discourse in order to develop a generation of political leaders that value empathy and constructive engagement.

Nonprofit Sector
Political Advocacy


Scope of Work
  • User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design

Converting Site Visitors to the Movement

As a rapidly expanding member-based organization, BridgeUSA was ready for a new website with easier navigation to help members connect and address FAQs. They also wanted to catalyze future growth with a design centered around imagery that highlights their impact and converts website visitors.


User Experience

User Experience (UX) design helped BridgeUSA to identify the key tasks their site visitors wanted to accomplish on the website, and to plan and organize content around these needs. This included incorporating an accordion tool for FAQs, an incredibly simply and highly visible newsletter signup box, and a sticky menu to make it easy to navigate the website. A supporters listing tool makes it easy for this young organization to keep expanding and growing its reputation, and a team bio widget makes it easy to continuously add and update the student leaders.

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO analysis was undertaken to help BridgeUSA build their online presence. In addition to keyword strategy, BridgeUSA also incorporated a blog, news management system, and social media feeds to make it easy to keep their content fresh and visible to search engines.

Website design

BridgeUSA knew they needed a visual site to demonstrate their activities and inspire action. We incorporated lots of ways to add photos and video showing their impact easily, including a homepage slideshow, social media photo gallery, video banner, and video gallery. Testimonial boxes further illustrate why their programming matters, and an interactive map helps visitors feel that they are already joining the action. On a practical level, user authenticated pages allows chapters to use the site to share resources and organize.

Foward-Looking Design Elements Attuned to a Serious Mission

A Website to Catalyze Involvement and Make Participation Easy