Dreamscape Foundation

Building a New World, Together

Dreamscape Foundation increases accessibility for those living with a disability via technology. They came to Elevation as a young nonprofit with an active peer-to-peer fundraising community.

Nonprofit Sector


Scope of Work
  • User Experience
  • Custom Donation Pages
  • Website Design
  • Google Ad Grant Management

As a nonprofit, it is crucial to have a dynamic website that allows us to spread our mission. The team at Elevation delivered quality work and ensured that the vision of our organization was met through web design. Elevation made sure that the new Dreamscape site was both attractive and extremely easy to navigate. With our new donation platform, campaign creation tool, and e-commerce integration, Elevation has moved our charity in the right direction."

Joseph SehwaniFounder
Dreamscape homepage part 1

Designed for Dreamers

At the heart of Dreamscape’s new design are their supporters, Every aspect of the website was designed around them, to make it as easy as possible to advocate for increased accessibility and to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising.


User Experience

Prior to defining the structure and design of their new website, Elevation conducted a user experience analysis. By identifying key user demographics, Elevation created a site that is easy for their community to use and appealing for new supporters.

Custom donation page

Dreamscape's donation page maximizes conversions through its simplicity and clarity. The page uses a hero image to remind users of the impact their donation will have. They employ UX best practices to keep the form user-friendly, and their chosen donation software keeps credit card users on the site rather than linking out to a third party system, which has been proven to inspire donor trust.

Website design

Our designers carried the vibrant colors and playfulness of Dreamscape's logo into the new website design to create a unique look and feel for this community. Our developers prioritized functionality so that the member portal, online store, and peer-to-peer fundraising tool are easily visible and navigable.

Nonprofit marketing

After being recognized by Google for a $40,000 Adwords grant, Dreamscape turned to Elevation to administer the in-kind grant for search engine marketing. We helped them take full advantage of the free advertising to garner a lot of attention for their new website and to find volunteers for their new location.

Imagining a Dreamscape Future

Google Ad Grant Management

Dreamscape part2

Dreamscape Foundation requested Elevation’s help in order to take full advantage of this grant after they were specially recognized by Google to receive up to $40,000. We helped them to ensure compliance with the grant, navigate some of the new changes Google announced in 2018, and most importantly, generate interest in their work by increasing traffic to their site. Over the course of a year, Dreamscape was able to grow their grant allocation from $150 to their goal of $40,000 a month.

Grant allocation
Increase in new users