Run3rd Alliance

Run3rd Alliance

Who Inspires You?

#RUN3rd began as an inspirational Twitter campaign for runners to dedicate their runs to loved ones, causes and ideas. It was started by Sean Astin in January 2012, and has since grown to encompass hundreds of runners and walkers around the globe, with a special focus on involving youth through school programs. For Run3rd Alliance, it was important that the new website showcase the authenticity of their identity and unify their organization.

Nonprofit Sector


Scope of Work
  • Branding Guide
  • Microsite
  • Website Design
  • Sustainability Plan

Branding Guide

Run3rd Alliance is prepared for growth in the coming years with a branding guide that covers uses as diverse as social media, product merchandising, and logo bullet points. We helped them to develop brand colors, define typography, and create secondary logos with depth while also following their monotone style.

Microsite & Website Design

One major goal of the project was to integrate two existing sites, an organizational website and their 5k event website, which Elevation did by constructing the microsite “” within the main site. The redesign also included a User Experience (UX) consultation, custom event page, online store, and third-party integrations for donations, purchases, and event registration.

A Team Effort

Run3rd Alliance keeps their site beautiful and safe with CMS updates, file backups, plugin licences, and stock photos through a Sustainability Plan from Elevation. Services also include web security, help with website edits, code fixes, and Google Analytics reporting.

Ready for the Next Step

Given Run3rd Alliance’s growth over the past eight years, they needed a more cohesive online presence to inspire even more supporters, make it easier for runners to sign up, and help parents find information for their families and communities. Slide the blue arrows to the right to see how their new website achieves all (and slide back to the left to compare to the old site). Armed with branding guidelines and the ongoing support of the Elevation team through a monthly plan, Run3rd Alliance is ready for their next step.

New                                     Old

Run Thirds homepage after the redesign Run Thirds homepage before the redesign
Run3rd Logo Guidelines
Guide to Font Styles for Run3rd


Interior Pages

Kirsten and the team have been amazing—so great to work with, and we are really excited about our new site! As someone with no prior experience creating websites, I can say that Kirsten made the process easy, and the Elevation team did a great job of pulling together all our thoughts."